the 5am club celebrates you and your mini with clothing for all the highs and lows and every hour of motherhood, because this job is no 9-5.

 mum and baby matching t-shirts

the brand was founded in March 2022 by Laura Oduntan, a mama of 2 little ladies who love an early start to the day and a midnight party. as the saying goes; the days are long but the months and years are short...but some days are so very long! 

during her second maternity leave, Laura spotted a gap in the market for a loungewear brand offering stylish, matching outfits that can be worn round the clock, 24 hours a day. drawing from her own experience as a mum of 2 young girls, (and 5 years of ongoing sleep issues) Laura wanted to create a collection that was neutral enough to be worn by both girl and boy mums with no cheesy prints or motifs. the simple slogan ‘the 5am club’ features across all the tops, a subtle nod to that notion of being awake during the early hours, but not through choice. the flattering, oversized fits have been carefully designed to cater to all mums, pregnant women and those who perhaps still have the remains of a bump to cover.

 matching mum and mini tshirts

each piece in the collection is carefully and lovingly designed by Laura, so you and your little ones can match in style and comfort around the clock. 

motherhood is full of challenges but a consistent issue among most new parents is sleep deprivation. go to any mum and baby class or join a parenting whatsapp group and the first conversation starter is always ‘is your baby sleeping through the night?’

Laura Oduntan, brand founder says “every new parent expects to have sleepless nights in the first few weeks after giving birth, but when the sleep issues continue months and years later, it can really affect a mother’s mental health. the physical lack of sleep is one thing but the mental impact is heightened when everyone else’s baby seems to sleep a full 12 hours each night. I wanted to create a safe space for sleep-deprived mums to come together and know they are not alone. the brand is an honest reflection of motherhood, celebrating the highs but also coming together for the lows.”   

 organic cotton baby sweatshirts

eco credentials

every garment in the collection is thoughtfully designed in London and carefully manufactured in India. working to small production lines to minimise wastage, the 5am mama only uses 100% organic cotton for super soft, sustainable clothing, made to last. organic cotton is grown without chemicals so it's much kinder on children’s sensitive skin. it also uses 91% less water than ordinary cotton, so it's better for the planet too.

the 5am Mama is a plastic free brand and all packaging is fully recyclable.

about the founder

Laura is a busy mum to two girls, juggling motherhood and business,

with a degree in fashion design and 10+ years’ working in the fashion industry and social media marketing, Laura wanted to bring all her skills and experience together and create a brand that reflects the struggles of sleep-deprivation in parenting. the idea was formed whilst on maternity leave with her second daughter, Zadie during the spring of 2021. a year later, in March 2022, the brand launched with the debut ‘5am club’ collection and campaign. 













we're in this together mama. welcome to the 5am club.